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Werther/Wittwer comprises Swiss experimental guitarist Stephan Wittwer (also on electronics), and Berlin based drummer Michael Wertmüller. Both men have extensive prior histories in shit-kicking underground Improv units like 16-17, the Machine Gun styled Sprawl, Sludge 5-0, Polyphonie Zürich and Alboth!

The disk kicks off with a rapid squiggle of electronics followed by the deep rumble of bass feedback, trickily beguiling the listener into thinking that what follows will be another minmal dronefest. But, thankfully, two and a half minutes in, Wertmüller's tautly stretched snares break into a speedfreak hardcore dash for the woods, and Wittwer sets off a rocket of electronically abraded guitar nitroglycerine. Thus the tone is set for the rest of the CD - less a polite round of Improv canasta than a two man WWF death match.

When it comes to the kill, Wertmüller comes off worst. His drumming might be capable of insane, pummeling Napalm Death speeds, but he doesn't really have the range to match Wittwer's abilities. The Swiss guitarist is a barrel of delightful surprises throughout. He has a sure sense of the cleansing powers of pure guitar noise, and fingers rapid enough to play catch-up with Wertmüller. If his technique recalls anyone, it's the challenging post-Bailey sonorities of Gary Smith. His wigged out electronic tone, deteriorated shapes and fields of sound are as much a red rag to Euro-Improv purists as a Chapman Brothers show is to Brian Sewell.

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